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The Institute ceased its activity and the charity was dissolved at the end of April 2013 This is a copy of the NEICE website active at that date

The Fourth R for the Third Millennium:



Foreword, John M. Hull

Overview, Jeff Astley

1. From religion to science: religious education and scientific understanding, Jeff Astley

2. Religion and values: a quantitative perspective, Leslie J. Francis

3. Baudrillard, simulation and the debate about collective worship in schools, J. Mark Halstead

4. God and youth in the global village: an update, Brian V. Hill

5. Richness in religious education: ethnic, religious and bio-diversity, Mary Elizabeth Mullino Moore

6. Representing faith traditions in religious education: an ethnographic perspective, Eleanor Nesbitt

7. Religious education beyond the nation state: the challenge of supranational and global developments, Friedrich Schweitzer

8. Is there a way beyond fundamentalism? Challenges for faith development and religious education, Heinz Streib

9. Religious literacy and democratic citizenship, Andrew Wright

10. Intercultural learning in a new millennium: between fundamentalism and relativism, Hans-Georg Ziebertz


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