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Objectives of NEICE

The Institute ceased its activity and the charity was dissolved at the end of April 2013 This is a copy of the NEICE website active at that date

Objectives of NEICE

The Institute’s main objective is to create links, both at the theoretical and the practical level, between Christian theology and education, so as to contribute towards the further education of those with a responsibility for teaching the Christian faith.

It endeavours to achieve this primary objective by:

  • promoting the study of how children, young people and adults understand the concepts and participate in the experiences of the Christian faith, in the context of all the influences which bear upon them in contemporary culture;
  • promoting among Christian people a deeper understanding of and a capacity to appraise educational processes;
  • providing instruction and practical assistance for those engaged in teaching Christianity in the context of church or school or both;
  • encouraging the work of adult education in the Christian faith.