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The Institute ceased its activity and the charity was dissolved at the end of April 2013 This is a copy of the NEICE website active at that date

The Contours of Christian Education


Foreword by the Bishop of Ely


1 The Contours of Christian Education Jeff Astley and David Day

PART ONE ‘The Satellite Picture’: Theoretical Reflection in Christian Education

2 Jesus – Friend of Little Children? Stephen C Barton

3 Tradition and Experience: Conservative and Liberal Models for Christian Education Jeff Astley

4 The Logical Geography of Catechesis Kevin Nichols

5 Christian Nurture, Indoctrination and Liberal Education Elmer J Thiessen

6 Can Christianity Avoid Enculturation? W F S Pickering

7 Theology or Social Science? The Theoretical Basis for Christian Education David Heywood

PART TWO ‘At Eye Level’: the Contextualization of Christian Education

Section One:The Congregation and the Parish

8 Ministry, Mission and the People of God Elizabeth Varley

9 Feeling and form in Worship Kevin Nichols

10 Christian Worship and the Hidden Curriculum of Christian Learning Jeff Astley

11 Human Communion and Christian Communication: Religion Implicit and Explicit Edward Bailey

12 Apples of Gold: The Role of Proverbial Wisdom in Christian Education David Day

13 How to Win Congregations and Influence Them: The Anatomy of the Church Growth Movement Martyn Percy

Section Two:The School

14 The Bible in the Secular Classroom: An Approach through the Experience of Loss John M Hull

15 Otto’s Contribution to Religious Education Robin Minney

16 ‘Godliness and Good Learning’: The Role of the Secondary School in the Spiritual Development of Adolescent Christians David Day

17 The Sectarian Future of the Church and Ecumenical Church Schools Peter Sedgwick

Section Three:The Wider Context

18 Can Television Cope with Theology: Hill Street Blues v James Bond? Jim O’Keefe

19 Anti-Racist Education: An Educational Task for State and Church? Richard Zipfel

20 Christian Education: An Instrument for European Unity Edward Hulmes

21 Growing into Christ: The Psychology and Politics of Christian Maturity Jeff Astley

PART THREE ‘Among the Grass Roots’: Empirical Investigation in Christian Education

22 What is a Christian? Investigating the Understanding of 16- to 19-year olds Leslie J Francis, Carolyn Wilcox and Jeff Astley

23 Christianity Today: The Teenage Experience Leslie J Francis

24 Popular Religious Television and Adolescent Attitudes towards Christianity Leslie J Francis and Harry M Gibson

25 A Survey of Bible Reading Practice and Attitudes to the Bible among Anglican Congregations Elizabeth Fisher, Jeff Astley and Carolyn Wilcox

26 Learning and Believing in an Urban Parish Guy Buckler and Jeff Astley