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The Institute ceased its activity and the charity was dissolved at the end of April 2013 This is a copy of the NEICE website active at that date




Foreword David Jenkins, Bishop of Durham


Definitions, aims and approaches: an overview Jeff Astley

1 Definition and Clarification

1.1 Some problems with the expression ‘Christian education’ Evelina Orteza y Miranda

1.2 Taking religious education seriously John Wilson

1.3 Two languages of religious education Gabriel Moran

1.4 What is religious education? Charles F. Melchert

1.5 Formation, education, instruction John Westerhoff

2 Christian Education and Education about Christianity

2.1 Learning religion Raymond Holley

2.2 Education as a second-order form of experience and its relation to religion John Sealey

2.3 The loneliness of the religious educator W. D. Hudson

2.4 The place of understanding in Christian education and education about Christianity Jeff Astley

3 Professionalism and Confessionalism

3.1 Religious education: in defence of non-commitment Peter Gardner

3.2 Will and should the religious studies appropriate to schools in a pluralistic society foster religious relativism? Brian V. Hill

3.3 Professionalism, confessionalism and religious education: an exploration from the British context Trevor Cooling

4 Formation and Nurture

4.1 Parental rights and the religious upbringing of children T. H. McLaughlin

4.2 Learning to become a Christian Dean M. Martin

4.3 Religious formation in the context of social formation Michael Warren

5 Interpretation and Criticism

5.1 Shared Christian praxis: a possible theory/method of religious education Thomas Groome

5.2 Christian education as faith translation Douglas E. Wingeier

5.3 Critical openness in Christian nurture John M. Hull et al.

5.4 Three traditions of religious education Kieran Scott


Reason, religion and education: an overview Jeff Astley

6 Liberal Education and Belief

6.1 Christian education: a contradiction in terms? Paul H. Hirst

6.2 Christian theology and educational theory: can there be connections? John M. Hull

6.3 Fairness, controversality and the common school T. H. McLaughlin

7 Faith and Commitment

7.1 Faith and reason: a false antithesis? Basil Mitchell

7.2 Teacher commitment and the ethics of teaching for commitment Brian Hill

8 Indoctrination and Rationality

8.1 Indoctrination and doctrines Elmer J. Thiessen

8.2 Indoctrination, doctrines and the foundations of rationality Tasos Kazepides

8.3 Religious upbringing and rational autonomy Ronald S. Laura and Michael Leahy

8.4 Indoctrination, evangelization, catechesis and religious education Michael Leahy

9 Knowledge and Understanding

9.1 Philosophy and religious education D. Z. Phillips

9.2 ‘Understanding’ as a purpose of religious education Charles F. Melchert

10 Relativism and Enquiry

10.1 Relativism, power and philosophy Alasdair MacIntyre

10.2 Faith and reason: reflections on MacIntyre’s ‘tradition-constituted enquiry’ Ian Markham

Select bibliography of journal articles on the aims, principles and philosophy of Christian education


Index of subjects

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