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The Institute ceased its activity and the charity was dissolved at the end of April 2013 This is a copy of the NEICE website active at that date

Christian Perspectives on Faith Development



Foreword James W Fowler

Faith development: an overview Jeff Astley

1 Fowler on Fowler

1.1 Faith, liberation and human development James W Fowler

1.2 The enlightenment and faith development theory James W Fowler

1.3 Stages of faith Romney M Moseley, David Jarvis and James W Fowler

2 Fowler evaluated

2.1 Does faith develop? An evaluation of Fowler’s position C Ellis Nelson

2.2 James Fowler’s theory of faith development Derek H Webster

2.3 Answers to some questions about faith development Marion Smith

2.4 Faith development in a changing world Sharon Daloz Parks

3 Theology and faith development

3.1 The journey of a pilgrim: an alternative to Fowler Mary Ford-Grabowsky

3.2 A Lutheran examines James W Fowler William O Avery

3.3 James W Fowler and the Reformed tradition: an exercise in theological reflection in religious education Richard R Osmer

4 Philosophy and faith development

4.1 Piaget and faith development: a true marriage of minds? David Heywood

4.2 Forms of logic in faith development theory Romney M Moseley

5 Interview data and faith development

5.1 Faith, identity and morality in late adolescence Eugene J Mischey

5.2 Comments on the article by Eugene J Mischey Jerome W Berryman,Richard E Davies and Henry C Simmons

5.3 Young adult faith development: teaching in the context of theological education Sharon Parks

5.4 Faith development in a cross-cultural perspective Randall Y Furushima

5.5 Personal religious belief development: the ‘articulate authoritarian’ type Susan Kwilecki

6 Questionnaire data and faith development

6.1 The formulation of a Fowler scale: an empirical assessment among Catholics Michael Barnes, Dennis Doyle and Byron Johnson

6.2 Stages of faith and perceptions of similar and dissimilar others Charles W Green and Cindy L Hoffman

7 Pastoral care and faith development

7.1 Pastoral counseling and faith development Thomas A Droege

7.2 A faith development/self-development model for pastoral assessment Steven S Ivy

7.3 Fowler’s faith stages as a guide for ministry to the mentally retarded Dennis D Schurter

7.4 Faith development in older adults Richard N Shulik

8 Christian education and faith development

8.1 Perspectives on the family from the standpoint of faith development theory James W Fowler

8.2 Faith development and campus ministry Gary L Chamberlain

8.3 Faith development: bridging theory and practice Mark Rutledge

8.4 Religious congregations: varieties of presence in stages of faith James W Fowler

8.5 Enhancing supervision using Fowler’s developmental theory William O Avery

Select bibliography of works by James Fowler


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