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The Institute ceased its activity and the charity was dissolved at the end of April 2013 This is a copy of the NEICE website active at that date


The Idea of a Christian University



Part One: A Christian Calling?

1.  The Idea of a Christian University
Ian S. Markham
Hartford Seminary, USA

2.  University, Christian Faith and the Church
John Sullivan
Liverpool Hope University College

3.  Objections to the Idea of a Christian University
Elmer John Thiessen
Medicine Hat College, Canada

4.  A Christian University Imagined:
Recovering Paideia in a Broken World
Andrew Walker and Andrew Wright
King’s College, London

5.  Sedes Sapientiae:
Newman, Truth and the Christian University
Denis Robinson
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven

6.  Learning the Truth in a Christian University:
Advice from Søren Kierkegaard
Murray A. Rae
University of Otago, New Zealand

7.  The University Without Question:
John Henry Newman and Jacques Derrida on Faith in the University
Gerard Loughlin
University of Durham

8.  Christian Teaching, Learning and Love:
Education as Christian Ministry and Spiritual Discipline
Jeff Astley
North of England Institute for Christian Education

9.  Expectations of the Christian Campus:
Ordinary Theology, Empirical Theology and Student Voices
Leslie J. Francis
Part Two: A Christian Curriculum?

10.  The Curriculum of a Christian University
Adrian Thatcher
University of Exeter

11.  On Theology’s Babylonian Captivity within the Secular University
Gavin D’Costa
University of Bristol

12.  Philosophy and the Idea of a Christian University
David Carr
University of Edinburgh

13.  Science in a Christian University
R. J. Berry
University College, London

14.  The Idea of Politics in a Christian University
Nicholas Rengger
University of St Andrews

15.  Interdisciplinary Perspectives within a Christian Context
William K. Kay
King’s College, London and University of Wales, Bangor

16.  Responsibility, Vocation and Critique:
Teacher Education in a Christian Context
John Sullivan
Liverpool Hope University College

17.  A Worked Example of the Christian Agenda:
The Impact of a Christian Ethos on the Research and Teaching of an Australian Educational Faculty
Patricia Malone, RSJ