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The Institute ceased its activity and the charity was dissolved at the end of April 2013 This is a copy of the NEICE website active at that date

A Reader on Preaching:Making Connections


Rt Revd Tom Wright
Six Feet Above Contradiction? An Overview
David Day

Part 1  Trends in preaching
The distance we have traveled: changing trends in preaching
Thomas G Long
Preaching as reimagination
Walter Brueggemann

Part 2  Preaching Scripture
The use of Scripture in contemporary preaching
Thomas G Long
Preaching the epistles
David Day
An imaginative ‘Or’
Walter Brueggemann
Preaching the Bible and preaching the gospel
Edward Farley
Psychological type and biblical hermeneutics: SIFT method of preaching
Leslie J Francis

Part 3  Structure and communication
From exegesis to sermon
Fred B Craddock
Pawn to king four: sermon introduction and communicational design
Thomas G Long
Preaching and narrative
Peter K Stevenson
Eleven ways of preaching a non-sermon
Dwight E Stevenson

Part 4  Personal qualities and the preacher
Emerging new standards in the evaluation of effective preaching
Thomas H. Troeger
Preaching and silence
John Killinger
Ethics in the pulpit
Alvin C Rueter
The Lenten preacher
David Day
Martin Luther King, Jr’s preaching as a resource for preachers
Richard Lischer

Part 5  Story, parable and imagination
Preaching pictures
Jolyon Mitchell
On preaching a parable: the problem of homiletic method
David G Buttrick
Story and image in sermon illustration
Richard L Eslinger
Imagining a sermon
Richard Lischer

Part 6  Preaching and worship
A sketchbook: preaching and worship
David G Buttrick
African-American preaching: The future of a rich tradition
Henry H Mitchell
Homily or eulogy?  The dilemmas of funeral preaching
John A Melloh

Part 7  The woman as preacher
The woman as preacher
Cheryl J Sanders
Gender and the aesthetic of preaching
Virginia Purvis-Smith
Rescripting their lives and narratives: spiritual life stories of Pentecostal women preachers
Elaine J Lawless

Part 8  Effectiveness and evaluation
Preaching that drives people from the church
James R Nieman
The measurement of the effect of preaching and preaching plus small group dialogue in one Baptist Church
Dennis L Price, W Robert Terry and B Conrad Johnston
The Word of God and the words of the preacher
William O Avery and A Roger Gobbel

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