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The Institute ceased its activity and the charity was dissolved at the end of April 2013 This is a copy of the NEICE website active at that date

Theological Perspectives on Christian Education

Edited by Jeff Astley, Leslie J Francis and Colin Crowder



Foreword Stephen W Sykes

Theological perspectives on Christian education: an overview Jeff Astley and Colin Crowder

1 Theology and Christian education theory

1.1 Contemporary approaches to Christian education Jack L Seymour

1.2 Theological and educational concepts: problems of integration and differentiation Karl Ernst Nipkow

1.3 Can church education be theological education? Edward Farley

1.4 Religious education and theology James Michael Lee

2 Theological foundations: the bible

2.1 Passion and perspective: two dimensions of education in the bible Walter Brueggemann

2.2 The reaction against classical education in the New Testament E A Judge

2.3 ‘Tell it slant’ John Tinsley

3 Theological foundations: the church

3.1 The gesture of a truthful story Stanley Hauerwas

3.2 No longer strangers: the church and its educational ministry Craig R Dykstra

3.3 Educating in the Spirit Carol Lakey Hess

4 Theological approaches: postliberal theology

4.1 The significance of postliberalism for religious education Gregory C Higgins

4.2 Theology and belonging: Christian identity and the doing of theology Lucien Richard

5 Theological approaches: liberation theology

5.1 Education, liberation and the church Paulo Freire

5.2 Liberation theology and Christian education theory Frank Marangos

6 Theological approaches: feminist theology

6.1 The unity of the sacred and the public possibilities from feminist theology Mary Elizabeth Moore

6.2 Feminist images of redemption in education Mary C Grey

7 Spiritual formation and the worshipping community

7.1 Christian affections and the catechumenate John A Berntsen

7.2 The role of worship in Christian learning Jeff Astley

7.3 The formative power of the congregation Craig R Dykstra

8 Spiritual formation and ministerial education

8.1 Transformation in Christian education James E Loder

8.2 Spiritual formation and theological education George Lindbeck

8.3 Theological education and education for church leadership Charles M Wood

9 The theological education debate

9.1 Thinking theologically about theological education Francis Schüssler Fiorenza

9.2 Theological inquiry and theological education Charles M Wood

9.3 Emerging issues and theological education Rebecca S Chopp

9.4 Can virtue be taught? Education, character and the soul David Tracy

10 Theology, education and the university

10.1 Theology in the context of the university Stephen Toulmin

10.2 The place of theology in the study of religion Edward Farley

10.3 Theology: university and church. Is a synergism possible? Claude Welch

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